Doomsday In Douglasdale

by Torches To Triggers

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The first full length album from Torches To Triggers.


released October 12, 2012

Recorded at Echobase Studio w/ Casey Lewis - Calgary, AB
Mixed and Mastered at Studio73 w/ Riccardo Pasini (Paso) - Ravenna, Italy



all rights reserved


Torches To Triggers Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: Dead Sea
For just a second I was thinking that you helped me.But what's a game where everyone gets stung.
Even if we had it,we're too young.If we're built on take and take our sea is a dead sea.
So go ahead and roll over every night.Two sighs,two tongues that we have to bite.
Tell me did you see the ship sinking and drown me.Swiftly. No mercy. Rest in peace.
I won't let it go.It kills me.Are you aware you're bringing down the best in me.
I won't let it go.Though I'm better off alone.
Turn the page to another chapter.All squared up for another disaster.
Honey why you gotta be a bastard and Honey why you gotta get so plastered
Hey! Maybe if you take me off the shelf I could open up and be myself.Instead we have this bomb ticking.
I won't let it go.It kills me.Are you aware you're bringing out the worst in me?
I sink to a new low.I will be alone.I'm fucking sick of complaining.
Another pair of eyes and mine.Every second is draining, ahh shit!
I don't believe it no.It kills me.Are you aware that this decision was destiny.I'm sorry but that's the way it goes.
The dead sea is my home.
Track Name: My Zombaby
The dawn breaks.The earth quakes.The events re-play every time before we wake up.
That look is why I wired your mouth shut.I mean I had to decide between this or a shot-gun to your lobe.
What a fateful day.
Hot on our heels they got you from behind and one bite is all it takes.
So cocked & loaded I laid them to waste.But you'll never be replaced.
No, from here on in I will make you brain milkshakes.Mama says you're undead weight.
But baby,I know you'd do the same.So let our day begin,we'll hunt down all your friends.
Especially the ones I don't like.You're special to me.You know I just might make you that recipe you're always moaning about.
It's your favorite no doubt.Medulla membrane stuffed cranium to start with grey matter poupon.
Main course is rare fillet cerebellum and a sweet soup de synapse.
You can wash the hatchets tomorrow.Here's a toothpick. Relax while I serenade and the priest marinates.
Not to wed us was his mistake.So go on and change me.So we'll never be alone.
Track Name: Let Them Talk
Well let me introduce you as a problem cause you fit right up to my criteria.
But you're family I only got one and all the rest will come and go.
See it in the eyes.A fool could recognize the akin with undeniable tempers.
So crawl away.I don't want to hear anything from anyone, even the birdy say to me.
You introduce me as a problem cause I fit right up to your criteria.
I'm family you only got one and all your friends will come and go.
Twisted that we grew a better point of view on it all.
So put aside your pride, crawl back and stay.
Let them say anything to anyone. I won't give them the time of day.
Did you hear that-oh my god did you know-can you believe-rumor has it-story goes-save your breath.
Fuck this steady steam of gossip.Not a word comes as shock.I am out,let them talk.
Please introduce us as a problem cause we fit right up to the criteria.
We're family, and not just anyone, better than best and this I know.
Track Name: This Moment
Whisper into my ear.There's no place I'd rather be than here.
Inside your space,lying face to face.With your dress on the bedpost.
Like the waves of the west coast you induce serenity.
For the time everything makes sense and I feel you echo me.
And I don't care who knows it's better than it's ever been before.
Looks like we got it right.Now the world can end.
The world could end, still it won't end this moment.
You and I got something that can never die.
Don't you think that it's crazy how the two of us met up here and now running to this place.
Trying to escape another life on a dead end road that was full mistakes.We let go finally.
Oh! Now I'm feeling so good.In all the ways that I never thought I could.
And all the failures before they just shape us into,make us into,who we are today.
It never ends.Forever you and I will stand the test of time.
Track Name: Stop The Wedding
In this place I find only silence.Half alive.Etching owned onto her open eyes.Wake up and realize.
From the first days of growing up the world to us becoming known.
Beautiful stars colliding.Still no one taught you to say no.Forgive me for letting go.
Remember not who you are, not who you were, but who you wanted to be.Forever free.
It's crumbling like your dreams.You're kidding me. Now there's a ceremony?
Well I would like to propose a toast.To the parasite and his host.
To all of us you are a ghost. Nothing but a ghost.
I get it's hard to get what others say.
It's just that you haven't seen the light of day.It's the fact that he's got you locked away.
Fuck it! We all die alone anyway.So get hitched and ride out your days til death is looking you in the face.
You'll reminisce about the golden age and feel regret for this mistake.I'll say it this one last time.
Remember not who you are,not who you were, but who you wanted to be.Forever free.
To make it right is a dream.The blind can see you need to stop the wedding.You need to stop the wedding...
Track Name: Countdown
Breathe in the smell,take a lick,suck a kiss.Brush up against a reality.
Sorry if there's a burden at bay.Sorry if the pressure is holding back the words to say.
If a million years of fighting ends with us agreed,a million years of fighting, that's what I need.
Tonight we countdown to our defeat.No matter what you told me,you're still the one and only.Tonight.
As our trust drove on these tires without tread it flipped into the ditch but only flipped inside your head.
And if a million times won't show you that it's not a lie,then pucker up dishonest lips and say goodbye.
Tonight we countdown to our defeat.There for you I won't be. So read me our eulogy.Tonight.
Time burns in the truth.Sweep it away,shows what you've always wanted.
Signs show you the way. Take it from me and do what you've always wanted now.
Tonight we countdown our last heartbeats.In hindsight it's fitting to start a new beginning.Tonight.
Track Name: Reins of Change
Code red emergency.Get up off your seat and go someplace that you've never been before.
Complacen-sicle licking.The doc keeps on tricking us all into taking the latest pills.
Somebody? Will you make the call in the interests of us all?
Somebody? Will you take the reins and make the changes?
Think all this red tape blows.Watch all the money goes from you into the hands of a select few.
Our morals can shatter if pockets get fatter.That's all that matters.The select few.
Somebody? Can you point the blame and bring their names to light
Somebody? Will you take the reins and make the changes?
It's unbelievable, to watch the cyclical useless politicals dance our lives away.
Dance dance they dance our lives away.
Somebody? Can we get along and right the wrongs with you?
Somebody? Can you take the reins and make the changes true?
Track Name: The Voice Inside
Don't trust a thing,question instead.Tend to that voice that's inside your head.
Turn it up it's time to get loose.Hook it up and give me a boost.
The grey day to day sedation shaking hands with intoxication.
Get down to the sound as all inhibitions unbound.
Pushing up and out of this hole.Breaking myself on parole.
Maybe I'll go for a stroll,maybe sell the devil my soul,maybe catch some live rock and roll,maybe I'll lose all control?
Too many people talk about it.Not enough got the walk about it.
Living up life is for the moment.Clutching it in your fist and own it.
Damn, it's right where I want to be.All you crazies right up next to me.
The clean, the dirt, the young, the old, always revved, never stalled.
Maybe we'll die in the fall,maybe do nothing at all,maybe we'll tear down the walls,maybe you'll answer the call?
Just give up.Do you hear me?
You want to leave it all? (Just give up.)
You want to make it right? (Just give up.)
You want to start again? (Just give up.)
It's an epiphany once you've been in it.You won't be wasting another minute.
Stamped the system bitches dismissed.For the truth is they don't get this.
Their fake optimism takes a cataclysm with what you know makes the vision.The voice inside your head.
Track Name: Sunburn
This summer,no excuses.There's nothing holding me back except nooses in my head.
They can be cut down if I quit my job,dump my girl,start the car and leave town.
Hide no more.Every pores gonna burn from the sunlight shining.
I've got a future so bright it's blinding me.So let's start the party.
Come alive into the streets.I've started to find out what it means to be full-hearted.
And now I dance to my own beat.Kiss the day,wipe the crust out of my eyes.
There's a lot of shit towns and k's behind me.And even more to go,before I hit up the coast of no one knows.
Find my shore.Every sore's gonna burn into the water stinging.
Salt stripping away while I'm singing.Don't stop the party.
Take a chance and follow me.C'mon! You call this a party.
Get off your ass and move your feet.
Track Name: Kitchen Party
I fuckin came to party.I fuckin gelled my hair too.
I drink a lot of cheap beer in the shower so I save some dough.
It's good to hide some rubbers underneath the covers cause you never know if any chicks will party.
Usually it's all guys and I'm waking up tomorrow next to a bag of french fries.
You know that's the price I pay.I think the dance clubs are fucking lame.
When I party then I party hard my own way in the kitchen.
Track Name: Promise In Disguise
This is the last song.It's not easy,to state the obvious.
In some messed up way I know it's not really goodbye forever.
Let's feel alive-inside for just one last time.
You take a second and rewind.The state replays the same cherished memories.
Let's not hang up on what's behind,and don't expect me to stay.
This could be the last time you'll ever have the opportunity to see my face.
There is no time to waste.You feel alive inside.It shows,exposed in your eyes.
Chase your reason. Face the fact this might come crashing down.
Don't hide somewhere inside you know the lights are shining down.
Frustrated lovers standby and watch you consume some dream that's all but faded.
Towards the spotlight that blinds you from the ditch
full of look-a-likes, full of washed up, full of people just like us.
Seems the lights are shining down.
Seems this might come crashing down.